Research & Innovation

Practin R&D services are mainly focus on Horizon Europe (RIA/IA/CSA,), EU Defence Innovation Scheme (EUDIS) and EDF, and on GSRT proposals on Research, Technological Development and Innovation for Greece. 

Who can access our services?

All organisations, SMEs, universities, research centres, private companies, public bodies, NGOs and others.

How do we support applicants? 

We provide support to our clients in each stage of the Grant preparation from ideation to submission. 

We enable companies and organisations to unlock public and EU funding opportunities through various financial channels of the EU institutions. Based on our experience in preparing and applying / managing grants and tenders as well as our broad network of contacts and various stakeholders around Europe, we create funding opportunities for our clients. 

Creation of a research roadmap for our clients based on their business and future innovation targets

How: We analyse your ideas, innovation based on the TRL (Technology Readiness Level), MRL (Market Readiness Level), and SRL (Sustainability Readiness Level) scale and identify the most suitable and relevant funding option available on the market, exploring national and European funding programmes.

Introduce and engage our clients with stakeholders, decision-makers and potential project partners;

How: Ensuring client’s early presence on the ground in order to create funding opportunities whose needs match the exact products and services offered by the client.

Development of proposals and management of the application process.

How: Developing your project concept to a grant application identify the appropriate call. Match and engage partners and competitive consortium through our direct access to a wide network of potential European partners and experts. Write and validate the proposal .Complete the full application and submission. 

Consultation to Greek SMEs and preparation on how to acquire funding from a series of EU funds and support investments.

How: Practin will capitalise the extensive expertise to assist Greek and European SMEs to promote themselves in the European market and to expand their network and collaborate with other research and technology leaders around Europe, raise competitiveness and funds to further enable R&D collaboration, product development, scale-up and commercialization. 

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