Competitive Grant Preparation 

Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in proposal writing and grant acquisition across research areas and industries – from Space, Energy, Environment and Food (Green Deal) to ICT and Security (Digital Transformation). We are specialised in EU funding schemes, including Horizon Europe and National EU funding from General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI). 

We have supported numerous successful proposals, including Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Actions – RIA, Innovation Actions. In Horizon Europe, we support your proposals for the following:

  • Area 1 – Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness, covering the Health, Digital, Industry and Space, Climate, Energy and Mobility and Food and Security
  • Area 2– GSRT proposals on Research, Technological Development and Innovation for Greece. 

Personalized Services

Whether you are applying to a call for the first time, re-applying, or even if you are in stage 2 of a two-stage proposal, we can help you write a competitive research and innovation project application. We offer personalised support based on your needs, whether you want your proposal to be reviewed, only require help for certain parts or would like a full proposal writing service. We can further transform your ideas to proposals and provide a detailed map of the funding opportunities aligned with your business line. Our primary approach, based on our experience, tools, and methodology, is to help the applicant gather the correct inputs to prepare a first draft proposal based on the European Commission’s requirements and expectations. 

In detail we undertake:

Organisational tasks

  • Development of your ideas into proposal concepts
  • Provision of templates according to the relevant funding scheme`s rules.
  • Advice on the consortium composition and required expertise.
  • Assistance in the acquisition of additional partners throughout an extended network of European partners. 
  • Participation in preparatory meetings.
  • Final proof-reading of all proposal documents.

Administrative and other forms (Part A)

  • Registration of the proposal with the funding agency in the EU Funding & Tenders Portal or other platforms.
  • Request of administrative details from all project partners.
  • Involvement of staff from the central administration of the participating organisations.
  • Completion of the administrative forms for all consortium members.
  • Request partner details from all participants for the new Horizon Europe online forms.
  • Completion of the partner profiles EU Funding & Tenders Portal for Horizon Europe proposals.
  • Completion of the ethics, security and other forms for the project.
  • Request partner budgets and calculation of project costs.
  • Completion of the budget form for all project partners.
  • Final consistency and quality check of all online forms prior to submission

Proposal Writing

  • Set up of the proposal documents, such as Part B and specific Annexes in Horizon Europe.
  • Definition of the project work plan with the consortium.
  • Revision of the work packages, matching the programme and call specific requirements, and deliverables, milestones and implementation risks.
  • Writing the scientific and technological part of the proposal.
  • Guidance and editing of the technical chapters of the proposal.
  • Drafting all the parts of the proposal, including the Impact session
  • Overall project budget according to the applicable financial rules, Gantt chart and PERT diagram.
  • Creation of a project logo, figures and other visuals.
  • Quality checks and submission of the proposal.

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